Dr. Julie L. Lyles has gained recognition from professional speaking engagements during the growth of her career in Charleston, SC, Atlanta, GA, and now Louisville, KY (St. Mary's & Elizabeth Hospital).  
Though her busy schedule already includes spinal screenings at Corporate Health Fairs at places like ANTHEM, FORD, and CHEVRON, GE, YMCA, dr julie has set aside time to share her knowledge of Health and Wellness with your office, community, school, and organization.
Options/Venues include, but are not limited to: Health Fairs, New Employee Health & Safety Orientation, Worksite Wellness Seminars/Monthly Safety Meetings, Lunch & Learns, Elementary/High School Gym/Health Class/PTA Meetings.
To discuss opportunities:
CALL: 253-1135
or E-mail: dr julie@askdoctorjulie.net



Overextended, But Under Control 

Your family needs you.  Your friends need you.  Your co-workers need you.  Even Your pets need you. Establishing basic priorities and staying organized is a must with today’s lifestyle.  But, where do you start? How about starting with yourself and your needs? There are three types of stress: mental, physical, and chemical.  dr julie will help you identify these three types of stress and teach you how to combat them, on purpose, to restore body, mind, and spirit.

Light at the End of the "Carpal Tunnel”

Cumulative stress?  Double Crush?  Peripheral Neuropathy? Ergonomics?  Medical treatment?  Alternative therapy? Facts, Statistics, Possiblities… The U.S. Department of Labor has concluded that: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the "chief occupational hazard of the 90's"-disabling workers in epidemic proportions.  Currently, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects over 8-million Americans.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the #1 reported medical problem, accounting for about 50% of all work-related injuries.

Maturing Methodically

There are three key aspects of aging: Sociological, Psychological, and Physiological. “Maturing Methodically” means changing your mindset and expectations from "what I used to be able to do," to what is realistic and practical, and acting accordingly... dr julie will emphasize the physiological aspects of "maturing" with regard to spinal hygiene, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and basic nutrition, in a way that will increase the likelihood of compliance to an aging routine that will improve overall health.

Dr. Julie,
I just wanted to express my appreciation for the class at St. Mary & Elizabeth on "Overextended and Over stressed."  Many of your comments about the relational properties of symptoms, pain and organs made logical sense. I learned so much.
Thanks for your time.
B. R., RN, MNSc, MS
From the Summerville Chapter of Professional Secretaries International. The Association for Office Professionals:  Dear Dr. Lyles: "Your presentation was informative and enjoyed by all.  I have put into practice several of your ergonomic suggestions and have noticed an improvement in the way I feel at days end.  I do believe your method of treatment far exceeds all the pills and medicines prescribed by most doctors.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you in the near future."
Sincerely, J.S., President

From the Department of Veterans Affairs: Dear Dr. Lyles:  "Thank you for generously sharing your time and expertise to speak to our VA employees on the topic of Aging Gracefully.  Your presentation was informative and enlightening.  I appreciate you allowing us to videotape your presentation.  By doing so, those employees who were unable to attend (including those in Savannah and Myrtle Beach Outpatient Clinics) can benefit from the information you provided to us.  In closing, please accept my personal thanks for generously contributing to the educational programming for our employees at the Charleston VA Medical Center."  Sincerely, S.H., Health Care Education Specialist

From the MOMS Club of Charleston:  Dear Dr. Lyles: "...I'd like to thank you for taking time out of your day to come address our group.  Your discussion on Stress Management and Wellness into the 21st Century was very interesting and informative.  We now realize how stress in our daily lives relates to our overall health and how important it is to maintain a healthy body.  It was very generous of you to spend the time with us and share your extensive knowledge on the benefits of taking a proactive approach towards our health."  Sincerely, B.L. President

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