Julie L. Lyles, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic
OWNER/OPERATOR Chiropractic Solutions by dr julie

Dr. Julie L. Lyles, a southern Ohio native, always knew she wanted to be a doctor.  A mentorship experience with a female Doctor of Chiropractic impacted her greatly. While Pre-Med in undergraduate school, Dr. Lyles worked as a Pharmacy Tech. It was while working in a pharmacy and seeing the limitations of medication that Dr. Lyles realized just what kind of Doctor she wanted to be.  

After her first year at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Lyles joined the Air Force National Guard to pay for the education that lay ahead of her. After receiving her degree in Natural Science with high honors, she moved to Marietta, GA to begin her chiropractic journey at Life Chiropractic College.

Charleston, SC was where Dr. Lyles began her career as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Living and working in the downtown community, Dr. Lyles established her practice through educational seminars and public speaking engagements in businesses, clubs, and organizations interested in increasing workplace productivity by reducing mental stress and physical injury while promoting healthy living.  As a business partner of local schools, Dr. Lyles often attended PTA meetings as a guest speaker, discussing topics such as scoliosis and backpack safety, offering complimentary screenings.

A former athlete, Dr. Lyles gravitated toward learning more about care of the extremities to compliment her care of the spine. She traveled around the country, attending advanced seminars on the shoulder, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot.  While in Charleston, she worked with rugby and basketball players at the College of Charleston, and was asked to attend a championship soccer tournament in Kingston, Jamaica as the team Chiropractor.

After four and a half years in Charleston, Dr. Lyles missed the opportunities that a big city could offer; she returned to Atlanta to embark on a new journey as an educator, a passion of Dr. Lyles'. After two years as an Assistant Professor in Clinical Education, Dr. Lyles was asked to be the Clinic Director of the largest Chiropractic College in the world! She accepted and managed to also maintain a part-time practice. For community service, she served on Atlanta Falcon (#20) Allen Rossum’s Board of Directors for his Healthy Kids Klub created to fight childhood obesity. 

A desire to be closer to her family, a family that included a 101-year-old Grandma, led Dr. Lyles back to the Ohio River Valley in 2006.  While in Louisville, Dr. Lyles has operated Chiropractic Solutions by dr julie part-time while raising her now 9-year-old son. In 2010, she moved her practice across the street due to growth, adding a gym, counseling offices and massage therapy rooms to accomodate her new company---GetWell Solutions, shared with her husband, Devin Higgins, which houses BrainCore Therapy (neurofeedback), The Spa Room (anxiety/detox/relaxation), Posture/Core Strengthening Assessments, Wellness Education Classes on Nutrition, Exercise, Coping, and Sleep/Rest. Soon to come are In-House Corporate Stress Management Retreats and off-site Weightloss, Wellness: Where Do I Start and Cleansing Retreats. Dr. Lyles and her family are members of Southeast Christian, their son, who you may see around the office, attends Christian Academy. "To Give for the sake of Giving. To Love for the sake of Loving. To Serve for the sake Serviing" guides dr julie and her family in the choices that they make. 


You can contact dr. julie directly at drjulie@askdoctorjulie.net  dr julie holds licenses in Kentucky.  Florida, Georgia, South Carolina (inactive).


Due to continued growth and practice expansion, we searched for an accomplished professional to lead us forward.  Mr. Devin Higgins, an Ohio native, joined our team in December of 2013.  Devin is a 1996 graduate of Youngstown State University,  holding a B.S. Degree in Exercise Physiology, with an emphasis in Athletic Training and Health Education. A notable accomplishment for Devin during his college tenure at YSU---he worked with Coach Jim Tressel, former head of Ohio State Football!

After College, Devin was recruited by Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Solutions where he instituted and managed a Corporate Wellness Center for AT&T in Orlando, Florida. After successfully running the corporate wellness center for over 4 years, he decided to make a career change; He pursued a career in Medical and Pharmaceutical sales. For the next 14 years, he interacted with Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, and Physical Therapists in both Private Practice and Hospital settings.

2015  was a pivotal year in Devin's career. He became interested in Holisitic Wellness in the form of Neurofeedback Therapy. His past experience in educating Medical Physicians about various Central Nervous System drugs for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and ADD/ADHD built a solid foundation for his pursuit in a drugless form of healing. Now certified as a Braincore Therapy specialist, Devin has helped so many children and adults change the imbalances in their brain with a non-invasive treatment that many greatly enjoy!  His calm, confident, concerned demeanor, coupled with his high level of understanding of the limitations and deadly side-effects of medication have propelled Mr. Higgins as a respected, sought-after Braincore Specialist.  We're excited to have such a cutting edge, life-changing therapy available in our office.

Devin, also known as Mr. Higgins, also known as dr julie's husband helps out as the Operations Manager for Chiropractic Solutions. What a great team!

PATIENT ACCOUNT COORDINATOR---Ms. Lara Browne, a Michigan native who describes herself as family-oriented, devoted to her two beautiful children, brings 11 years of medical office experience to Chiropractic Solutions. Her patient scheduling, billing, and accounting skills are what got her the job, but her excellent customer service and her warm and subtle kindness are what makes her family. With her soft friendly voice, she makes each and every one of our patients feel at ease in our office and confident that their accounts are being managed professionally.  Lara commented that her first office job was in a Chiropractic office where she began receiving consistent Chiropractic Care. Her testimonial while under dr julie's care is that "dr julie provides the best, most thorough adjustment that she has ever had!" Lara says that she feels blessed to have such a wonderful work environment as well as the best Chiropractic Care in town!  She truly enjoys working with our patients and making them smile! 


REHABILITATION ASSISTANT: (AM)---Mr. Brian Kopilec is our morning Rehabilitation Assistant and our budding futue Massage Therapist. Brian is a veteran, serving...  He pursues healthy eating and weight training to the level of competition. Though Brian is quiet and charming, he's an ambitious supporter of our patients reaching their health care goals while under professional supervision. 

REHABILITATION ASSISTANT: (PM)---Mr. Jeremy Blasi is our evening Rehabilitation Assistant, trained in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville. Jeremy...

WELLNESS EDUCATION DIRECTOR:---Ms. Shaiana "Shi" Walker, another Michigan native, received her Bachelors Degree from the University of Louisville in Public Health and Human Performance Education. She caught dr julie's eye when she applied for our receptionist position, prompting dr julie to create a job title just for her! Her background in athletics, including cheerleading/gymnatics, dance and various team sports and her experience as a Pharmacy Technician were eerily simliar to dr julie's path to becoming a Wellness Healthcare Provider.  After a bout with low back pain, Shi was intrigued with health optimization and various approaches to care that were the opposite of what she experienced in the Pharmocological Industry. At a young age, Shi has coached cheer and dance at West Louisville Talent and Development Center, interned at Apex Physical Therapy, Louisville Health and Wellness Dept., and Workout Anytime.  Sick Care isn't working, and dr julie is continually looking for ways to educate her patients and provide treatment options that are safe, affordable, and efficient in the pursuit of Wellness.  Shaiana Walker is just the one to make those visions come to life. When you meet her, you will feel her energy and be impressed with her competence that was shaped by the strong relationship she has with her mother and her role as the "Big Sister."










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