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Existing Chiropractic Solutions by dr julie patients: $45 for an hour.

Non-Patients: $60/hour.

There are many factors that keep people from being "well."   Due to lack of time and energy and effort, many look for the magic pill, the diagnosis, or the machine that will help them reach their fitness goals, and many fall short.  When you have a healthy structure and highly functioning nervous system achieved through Chiropractic Care, the other four pieces of wellness are easy. 
dr julie loves to teach and coach those who just can't put it all together on Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Reduction, Changing Persepctives. 
Call for available times and dates , Intention + Action with Support and Education = Success!  Call TODAY: 253-1134
Why dr julie?  Fortunately or unfortunately, dr julie has personally survived two major abdominal operations due to an inherited condition and leads and extremely active lifestyle. She has witnessed a close family member suffer from a debilitating chronic illness for the last 15 years. She has aided someone close who beat addiction and another who attempted suicide. She has served in the US Military and paid for her own education, undergraduate and professional. She lived away from any family and childhood friends for 13 years of her adult life and flourished in creating life-long friendships in Charleston, Atlanta, and now Louisville.  She has been a teammate, an employee, a soldier, a Director, an educator, a Business Owner and Boss.  She has experienced sexual harrassment and workplace exclusion.  Due to her Father's encouragement toward exercise through team sports, a positive mental attitude, personal accountability and no medication, dr julie lived a Wellness Lifestyle even prior to her formal education.  Once she entered the Chiropractic Family in 1993, she has not taken antibiotics (unless forced) or consumed artificial sweeteners and artificial colors.  She gets adjusted every 2 weeks or more and does spinal stretches daily that improve her nerve supply, blood supply, and lymphatic supply.  She has supplemented with Omega-3s, Anti-oxidants, B-complex, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, and D3 before it was cool. She practices Christian Faith daily after accepting Christ at age 13 and is well-versed on Leadership Coaching via Robbins, Maxwell, Tice, and many others. Though dr julie is compassionate and empathetic, she acknowledges that life change comes through analysis and practical thinking, leading to new perspectives and paradigm shifts. She believes that the Gifts she was given are meant not for her personal gain, but to serve others in the Name of God.

NETWORLD   August 26th, 2014---"Overextended, But Under Control."

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