Testimonials for dr julie and GETWELL SOLUTIONS


Such personalized care. It really makes a huge difference. Check them out!!  

BW 2018


So I’ve an injury which 9 doctors couldn’t figure out, multiple medical practice and nothing ever worked. I was told about dr Julie and she is the first person to help me get through my weeks easier! She has changed so much of my body and honestly I can’t do my week without her! I will be going to dr Julie for the foreseeable future! All you have to do is listen to what she has to say and do what she tells you !   

 LW 2017


I call Dr Julie, Dr Julie Medicine Woman, as she works wonders on me every time I go in. Her knowledge and skill with adjusting external extremities to obtain proper alignment throughout the body is incredible. She is not your normal every day spinal Chiropractor. Five stars from this patient. Keep up the good work Dr Julie. Thank you for the quality of life improvement you’ve provided me over the past year.    

JC 2016


I have to give BIG KUDOS to Dr Julie and her staff. Since I have been going to her, she has not just helped me feel better on a daily basis, but they have put me on a path to a life of wellness. I sleep better, feel more energized and those daily aches and pains that plague us all have gone.   Thank You and God Bless!

JS 2015


I first came to Dr. Julie when I discovered that my baby was breech. After three appointments baby flipped and I was able to avoid a c-section! Besides that, I felt so much better through the end of my pregnancy after getting adjusted- it helped relieve a lot of the normal aches and pains that come with pregnancy. I love that she takes her time with you, gives you stretches and exercises to work on at home so that you feel proactive in your care and recovery. She knows her stuff! Love the staff as well. I recommend all my friends and family to her!

   JMC 2014

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