7-14-2023: Dr. Julie has paused her practice indefinitely.

To save time, please bring Driver’s License, Insurance Card and form of payment and have New Patient Paperwork completed prior to entering the office:

NOTE: As a courtesy, we provide a form (link to printable form below) for you to confidently communicate with your insurance company and begin to understand how to maximize your benefits in a Chiropractic Office. We are on your team and want to help you the best that we can. No one likes financial surprises and this form is our way of helping you avoid that.

Call: 502-253-1135 (leave VM with your name and phone number if no one answers)

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Choose and print the appropriate forms below.

Please, fill them out prior to your first visit: You will receive a $5 Coupon toward Supplements if you do!

Bring them with you to your appointment or fax them prior to:  502.253.1136

Document Downloads:

Patient Demographics Form

Health History

Insurance Assignment

Cancellation Policy

Informed Consent

HIPAA Acknowledgement of Receipt Privacy Practice Form

Insurance self- Verification

Vehicle Accident Information

During your first visit Dr. Julie will:

  • Educate you on the purpose of Chiropractic.
  • Take a complete health history.
  • Choose the appropriate physical exams, (orthopedic/neurological/chiropractic/visceral) based on the information in your health history,
  • Choose, if necessary, the appropriate diagnostics (X-Ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, etc.) to determine the cause of your problems, or based on the results of your physical examination,
  • Refer you to the appropriate health care professional if your condition does not merit Chiropractic Care.
  • Once the diagnostics are complete, Dr. Lyles will integrate the information concerning your condition and prepare/present a report with a thorough diagnosis and care recommendations, including goals, restrictions, and prognosis.
  • NOTE: Diagnostics are completed off-site. The first visit is usually 1-11/2 hours, depending on the severity of the condition and the application of therapy.


Your carrier expects you to be “sick” if you want them to pay. Insurance is “risk care,” right?  What does this mean? You must have a complaint that is diagnosed by us based on your history and examination findings, and then you must follow a set treatment plan with obtainable goals. Once you’ve reached those goals in a recognizable, logical treatment time, you are then a candidate for Chiropractic Maintenance—“Wellness Care!” Chiropractic Maintenance check-ups are vital for those pursuing a wellness lifestyle, but are not considered by most insurances as medically necessary. Therefore, we have affordable rates to help you continue staying well!  Also, some therapies are not covered quite often in a Chiropractic office, but are affordable when prescribed properly: Massage, Kinesio taping (strapping), Traction, Extremity adjustments (that are not directly associated to a diagnosed spinal condition), Therapeutic Equipment

If all or some of your treatment is not expected to be paid by insurance, then you will be asked to pay for that treatment/service out of pocket. The good news is, we have an affordable GETWELL SOLUTIONS MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM for the Uninsured or Underinsured.

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